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Monday, 3 September 2018

With previous books, my time has been spent either writing or watching Undercover Boss USA on Channel 4 when I was supposed to be writing. But now, having chosen the Unbound crowdfunding model, time is split evenly between writing, daytime TV and begging people for money. The latter is something I'm finding really awkward. Sending emails asking for pledges is just as embarrassing whether it's to a good friend or a Facebook friend I barely know. The funny thing is that it's impossible to tell who is going to respond with a pledge. Total strangers have been incredibly generous, while those I was sure would throw in a few quid haven't even replied. But progress is steady. The book has reachef 20% of its target in a fairly short time, with 58 of my favourite people ever having made pledges ranging from £25 to £350 (Thanks Tim). There's still a long way to go, but I'm hopeful of getting there in the end. I'm still enjoying writing the book (who wouldn't like writing about Bromley FC).and am just about halfway through. So if you can think of anyone who might want to be a part of making this book happen, please point them in the direction of https://unbound.com/books/bromleyfc/

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