The Footballer Who Has to Remain Nameless

Friday, 12 October 2018

The chapter I finished yesterday is unusual in that I talked about a footballer I deeply admired, but couldn't mention his name - basically, because I don't want to get sued.

This small extract might explain what I mean...

"One Bromley player from the era that I particularly wish I could have seen, sadly has to remain nameless. He was hugely talented by all accounts, with an eye for goal. But a clue to the slight flaws in his personality can be found in his player profile, where he listed his hobbies as “smoking and drinking”.

Proof of the former came in a pre-season game where he was taken off during the second half. Instead of going back to the dugout he hurdled over the fence, approached a small group of Bromley fans and said “ Any of you £@$%$s got a Woodbine?

As for the latter, on the Friday night before a big game, he was (allegedly) seen staggering round Trafalgar Square at 3 am looking for a night bus, shirt unbuttoned, eating a hot dog. Twelve hours later he was lining up for Bromley and scoring a memorable goal.

He sounded like my kind of footballer."

Other than writing about flawed heroes (and being very grateful to one Bromley fan in particular for sharing his memories of the nameless one), progress on the book is steady - it's more than half written and is 35% funded with 106 backers. 


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