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Saturday, 15 September 2018

What's been the most popular pledge? I would have bet anything that it would be the 'Solid Midfielder', a no nonsense £25 option which gets the book and nothing but the book. Surprisingly, it finds itself neck and neck with the £55 option, given the title of 'VAR Decision' by the Unbound people. This gives pledgers a signed copy of the book and a signed copy of the Bromley Boys DVD. Another big surprise was that the £100 option (aka Match Programme Plus) sold out within a couple of weeks, no doubt helped by the inclusion of must-have fashion item, a Bromley Boys t-shirt. But my favourite result (Unbound provide stats for pretty much everything, including who made what pledge) was the man who paid £350 (aka 'Home Win') to come and watch a Bromley game with me, including half time chips and tea. Since the pledger in question was someone I've been to quite a few games with in the past, this was both an incredibly generous donation and the world's most expensive tea and chips. And the least popular? There have been no takers whatsoever for a copy of the e-book.

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