You Took The Last Bus Home: The Poems of Brian Bilston

By Brian Bilston

First collection from the Poet Laureate of Twitter

Monday, 10 October 2016

Shed over Heels

Dear Children of the Shed,

It’s been a while since I last convened a shed meeting and a lot has happened since those halcyon days: leadership contests, celebrity break-ups, sex tapes. Not to mention all the events taking place outside of my own household.

Oh, and You Took the Last Bus Home has finally published.

By now you should all have received your copy of the book. Do contact Unbound at if for any reason you have not. There are a few pledge items still to be fulfilled and those should be wending their way to people over the coming days.

I do hope you like it. The book wouldn’t have happened without your kind and generous support so I don’t want to have let you down. I’m made up (in a way that means ‘very happy’ rather than ‘fictional’) about the job that Unbound have done on it; I couldn’t have asked for a better-looking book thing.

The words inside are my responsibility.  You may have seen some of these words previously in other books – and my apologies for that – but I have done my best to arrange these words in a particular order never seen in print before.*

If you like the words I’ve selected and the sequence in which they are ordered, please do tell other people about the book – who knows, there may be People Beyond The Shed who decide to buy it based upon your recommendation.

It is available in all the usual bookshop places, online and in the real world.

These people may also see the fine roll-call of names in the back of it and wonder how – as the storm clouds gather above us and the skies begin to darken** - such magnificent generosity of spirit might still exist. And, in turn, their hearts may be gladdened and the world might become light once more.

Or they may simply be not be very bothered about it at all.

Thank you all so much for your help and support.



* Please note other words and poems are available

** This is a metaphor - although in some places, particularly dark and stormy ones, it may also be literally true.

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Stephen Morey
 Stephen Morey says:

It's a lovely book, Brian. I'm very happy to own it and to be in it.

Copies of it would make great Xmas gifts *winks*

posted 11th October 2016

Alec Meadows
 Alec Meadows says:

Brian, it is the finest collection of poetry that I have ever owned. Well, called You Took The Last Bus Home.
It is poetry in emotion. Alec x

posted 11th October 2016

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