THE LURE OF GREATNESS: England’s Brexit and America’s Trump

By Anthony Barnett

From the writer and co-founder of openDemocracy, a forensic and sweeping polemic

Monday, 8 May 2017

The Convention is this week & LURE is June with a fair wind

The Convention on Brexit takes place on the 12/13th. I'm speaking on 'Is England the problem?' on Saturday afternoon. Link Here for the programme. LURE should be in your hands in late June / early July and in the shops late August. Here is a very generous response from John Mitchison. By all means tell friends & colleagues they can still buy an early copy.

"Hello, I’m John Mitchinson, the publisher of Unbound. I’ve just finished reading the final draft of Anthony Barnett’s amazing feat of historical, economic and cultural analysis, The Lure of Greatness. It is so fresh it fairly sizzles off the page.

 If you are sitting in a state of bewilderment post-Trump and Brexit; or if you feel politically disenfranchised and powerless or are facing the future with more dread than hope, then The Lure of Greatness has arrived just in time. With a historian’s forensic skill, Anthony has traced the deep roots of the revolutions that have produced Brexit and Trump and how the complacency of the neoliberal consensus provoked their eruptions. But far more impressively he offers us a way of thinking about the future by radically re-framing the present. To survive we will all need to think differently and not let failed versions of the past dominate our politics. It is a call to arms, for sure, but a call to arms with a clear and inspiring target – to build ‘a democracy and an economy with a culture that is wiser, more thoughtful, open and honest, especially about who is doing what to whom.’  The Lure of Greatness is much more than a ‘Brexit book’; it’s a primary text, one that future historians will use as the definitive account of a moment when the world changed forever."

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