THE LURE OF GREATNESS: England’s Brexit and America’s Trump

By Anthony Barnett

From the writer and co-founder of openDemocracy, a forensic and sweeping polemic

Friday, 6 October 2017

Opposing Brexit with a Twist

The wonderful Caroline Lucas and Labour’s Clive Lewis, who resigned from the shadow cabinet to oppose Brexit, join me and Suzanne Moore on Tuesday 31 October at London’s Emmanuel Centre (tickets here). The Guardian’s John Harris will moderate. It will be a discussion of Brexit with a difference. A panel of Remainers exploring how to reverse the outcome.

Why different?

Because most Remainers are still in denial: trying to 'stop' Brexit or limit the damage, hoping that something will come up. Unwilling therefore to consider why it happened, our own complicity in permitting it, or the way to change deep attitudes towards the EU and the prejudice of the Westminster elite. Fintan O’Toole’s cracking review of The Lure of Greatness is a succinct description of this context. The government, the opposition and the EU all now regard Brexit as certain to happen in March 2019.

There will be, I believe, a majority across England to return to the EU as it undergoes its own democratisation. But when? However long this takes, it is already a tragedy for us to walk away from engagement with a Union whose nature will decide our country’s fate as surely as we are part of the continent.

Join us to debate all this and more. You can get your tickets here. If you pledged more than £35, you will have been sent two notices of your free tickets. Please register for them now or they might be sold. (If you can’t recall which level you opted for go to

PS: Have you watched the video, now viewed over 150,000 times on Facebook? You can catch up with it here.

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