Breaking The Foals

By Maximilian Hawker

The Troy of myth was a real city. This is its story…

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Blimey. This has all happened rather quickly.

On Monday 24th April, I launched my novel, Breaking the Foals, on Unbound and I’m delighted to welcome you here to my page, whether you’ve been snared by a cursory search or because you’ve thought, ‘Ooo! Ooo! Troy! Greek myth!’.

It seems that as I’m inviting pledges to my project I should also make some pledges to you as my potential audience. So:

  • I pledge to provide regular updates detailing how the project progresses beyond the digital territory of Unbound.
  • I pledge to answer any and all questions posed to me on here.
  • I pledge to give insight into how my novel has made it from a blank page to a completed work of 89,000 words, so you can share in what has been an epic journey of Homeric proportions.
  • I pledge to give you further details on what you can expect in my novel. I’ve researched the historical Troy, but what have I found that corroborates the myths, if anything?

So, please do check by here as often as you can. I will aim to post at least once a fortnight, depending on my commitments, as there is plenty I can discuss, and, once more, thank you very much for showing an interest in my novel.


Next Time on Updates: I will be discussing the key literary influences that have shaped my writing style in Breaking the Foals.

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