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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

So, here I am with my first update specifically about how I'm spreading the word of my novel! Now, I came into all of this with no real social media presence. I get that it's kind of important these days to be a digital uberlord with tentacles writhing acrossTwitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. but I've never been a big fan of it and, hell, I simply don't have the time to 'retweet' this or 'like' that. I think if I ever became some big name in literature I would hire a graduate named Gavin or Cecilia and have them be my face in the Matrix. Sorted!

Well then, just how am I making Breaking the Foals a thing?

First of all, I am using the Godsend of a website that is Canva for my creative purposes - i.e. poster and flyer design - and have had a lot of fun mucking around with the available tools. I've gone through a number of designs, as I knew I really had to get it right, and decided on something that I consider to be quite striking.

Above: check out the design.

Above: hopefully this makes the point succinctly enough.

I have to thank fellow Unbound authors for giving me their perspective on which flyer design to go for, as I had originally been considering something quite different...

Above: didn't quite suggest the drama that the novel possesses.

As I was readying the design, I approached my local Waterstones (the Croydon branch) - quite a large and inviting store - and asked if they would display my flyers. 'Sure,' they said. 'Bring those bad boys in!' I'd also decided upon taking my flyers along to Croydon Library to see if they would have them, and it always helps to have some spares, so I ordered a thousand! It was quite exciting coming home from work to find them in a discreet box beside my youngest's buggy.

Above: simple yet elegant - like my face.

I guess a thousand doesn't look like much when you actually see it, but it felt like a lot in my rucksack when I marched on out of my hobbit hole. As it stands, Waterstones has my flyers on display at the tills and a very kind lady at Croydon Library not only took my advertising, but said she would circulate it to other libraries in the borough too. Here's hoping she wasn't just trying to get rid of me. I will have to do site checks around the borough to see if the flyers have made it to their promised destinations.

Presently, I am awaiting contact from another lady who runs two monthly fiction reading groups in Croydon to see if I can speak about my novel there, and I am also awaiting responses from the Croydon Advertiser and the Croydon Guardian about them each running a little article on me.

Finally, and here is where I address each of you: if you have any friends, acquaintances, colleagues, mistresses, manservants, pets, or anyone else who may be interested in historical fiction/mythology, then let them know where I'm at.

I'll be back with more very soon.


Next time on Updates: There have been plenty of stories around the myth of Troy - so what makes Breaking the Foals unique? All will be revealed.

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