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Friday, 9 June 2017

On Wednesday 7th June 2017, we got our 52nd backer and are now 100% funded. Naturally, I am absolutely delighted and will offer many a fine goat in sacrifice to the sun god for shining upon me.

I sent a notification email to Kwaku, Junior Editor at Unbound, who has been with me every step of the way. Email content was as follows:

Above: my composed announcement to Kwaku through the medium of open mouth and note on lined paper.

I have been informed that I can expect details of the next steps with the editorial process in coming weeks, so it gets particularly exciting now. You may be wondering exactly what the next steps are though. Well, I recently supported someone else's novel, which has hit just 100% too, and have been emailed the next steps for a funded manuscript. They are as follows:

1. Funding target reached.
2. The final draft of the manuscript is delivered.
3. The editor edits. And edits.
4. Cover and artwork design begins.
5. The copy editor reviews the manuscript for consistency.
6. Typesetter formats manuscript for printing.
7. First proofs come back and are sent to the proofreader.
8. Final edits are made.
9. Artwork finalised.
10. Final proofs go to press.

I presume my novel will go through exactly the same stages. As I have had a finished manuscript for a few years now, I would imagine that I send the complete Breaking the Foals over and the structural edit will commence shortly thereafter. Naturally, I will keep you guys informed at every step as I want to ensure you are all as involved in this process as possible - you have, after all, pledged your support to Breaking the Foals and are the reason we are where we are now! I will also continue with my other updates about the novel in general, and can confirm that I will shortly be publishing the next entry in my Making the Foals series.

Until then, ta ta!


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