Breakfast In Bogotá

By Helen Young

Set in 1940s Colombia, Breakfast In Bogotá is about a broken architect trying to build something new

Thursday, 8 November 2018

How to make a book trailer – 5 Qs for the creative lead behind mine

As a busy-bee graphic designer for a major UK book publisher, my pal, Anna did a fantastic job on the book trailer for Breakfast In Bogotá. I appreciate that not everyone has a designer to call on (cry down the phone to) so, I asked if she’d reveal a few tips for getting the most out of your own video project. Thank gilbert she agreed ...

HELEN You design book assets, this much is true, but what previous video experience did you have before coming to the Unbound project?
ANNA In short, very little. I had trained earlier in the year in animation which gave me the building blocks to be able to do this and working as a graphic designer definitely helps as you’re immediately focused on the function and form of the project even though the format is different.

HELEN If I was to create a book trailer from scratch (screams into pillow), what software solutions or apps would you recommend?
ANNA I created the trailer in After Effects as that was the software I was most familiar with that could handle creating a video. Premier Pro would probably be used by more people as that is geared more towards video editing than After Effects although they do overlap. I imagine you might also be able to use iMovie, although I haven’t tried.

HELEN You know a bit about what works and what doesn’t. What works and what doesn’t?
ANNA I think the main thing with any project/task/asset/job is to have a clear vision or concept for what you’re creating. Obviously you had a strong idea in mind of how you wanted this to feel which really helped. Good research and a good structure are always key – you have a short period of time to send your message, it needs to be strong, clear and something people will take away with them. A lot of this comes from the initial brief and following research, if you have a clear concept in mind, chances are your final message will be clear.

HELEN The Breakfast In Bogotá video has had over 700 views on Twitter – congratulations! What kind of videos do you click on and share? 
ANNA Aside from a lot of animal videos, it would be short videos that are usually around a topic of interest to me. I watch a lot of videos that are based on typography for example. I think in the creative industry, it’s great that people can share so much of their work and personal projects with other people, I find it especially inspiring to see what other people are working on and how they created it.  

HELEN And this project? We were able to turn it around pretty quickly. Why do you think that was?
ANNA A big part of this is that you knew what you needed. You were able to explain what you wanted from this trailer really well which allowed me to envision it and therefore create it. The fact that we had a clear structure and your narrative was set from the beginning meant we didn’t need to make a lot of changes because it already made sense. Another big part of this was the research you undertook and making sure all the materials were prepared in advance. In a cheesy comparison, you wouldn’t start cooking a meal without all the ingredients, the same principle applies here.

(Anna, agreeing to make my video),

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