Breakfast In Bogotá

By Helen Young

Set in 1940s Colombia, Breakfast In Bogotá is about a broken architect trying to build something new

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Going out on a song - Colombia Tierra Querida

Darling, dearest crowdfunders,

A final thanks from me for crowdfunding BREAKFAST IN BOGOTA all those months back. If you've dived between its pages, I do hope you've found yourself well and truly immersed in 1940s Bogota and have enjoyed the story along the way. If you're yet to visit, bienvenidos!

And remember, do please hop on over to Amazon to leave a review once you have.

It's been an awesome journey people. Before I go, I wanted to share with you a song that I played many times when writing. It's from husband and wife duo, Lucho Bermudez and Matilde Diaz - Colombia Tierra Querida. It has all of the rhythms you'd expect from the time - I often thought of my lead character, Luke sitting listening to it, or, maybe getting up to dance himself. For me, it just encapsulates how wild and wonderful that time in Colombia's history really was.

Listen to it here 

Besitos, Helen x

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