Breakfast In Bogotá

By Helen Young

Set in 1940s Colombia, Breakfast In Bogotá is about a broken architect trying to build something new

Monday, 29 July 2019

Breakfast in Bogotá long-listed for the Guardian's Not-the-Booker prize 2019!

Congratulations, you've done it again! Not only are you responsible for bringing Breakfast in Bogotá to the masses, but now, your efforts have gone and seen it nominated for the Guardian's Not the Booker prize 2019.


Considering there are some big names and bigger publishers on that list, this is quite an acchievement. But, let's not stop there. Let's go for glory. Let's get it shortlisted, friends.

Here's what you need to do to make that happen, it's dead easy and free and a very cool opportunity for you to influence a book prize:

1. Visit the longlist page

2. In the comments field beneath the article, type: Vote: Breakfast in Bogotá and [one other book from the longlist] - can't be by Unbound as well

3. Add a 100 word review of one of them (otherwise they won't count your vote). You can do it!

4. Do not miss this deadline for votes: Monday 5th August (that's NEXT Monday, so if you're going to influence this, now's your chance!

6. Bonus step: share via social media to encourage others to vote too

You have the power!

Much love,
Helen x

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