Breakfast In Bogotá

By Helen Young

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Set in 1940s Colombia, Breakfast In Bogotá is about a broken architect trying to build something new

Publication date: August 2019
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About the book

‘Rocío was naked and Luke was not. For him, it felt the other way around. Why now, he thought, trying to stop his hands from shaking ...’

Breakfast in Bogotá is about a man on a journey to rebuild himself and then a city – or so he thinks. The story begins in post-war Colombia – 1947 to be exact. It wasn’t that much different to Europe then. Everyday people were still reeling from hyper-inflated food and fuel prices, whilst the rich thrived. The novel opens with our architect, Luke Vosey, witnessing something horrific over breakfast in a central city cantina.

Luke has fled his life in Europe and a woman known only as Catherine. He thinks he’s safe in Colombia and out of it, but that’s far from true. He meets a young journalist, Camilo and a draughtswoman called Felisa. Through them, he sees that more people are broken in Colombia than in Europe.

Events come to a head with the assassination of the leader of the liberal party on the streets of the capital. Following this, the people tear the city to shreds. That’s a real turning point for Bogotá, and for Luke. Things go full circle for him then. It’s a novel of redemption and learning to look back to move forwards – if he can.


So, have you actually had breakfast in Bogotá?

Many times. I’ve family in the city which has allowed for ample visits and free rein through the streets. It was on an early morning walkabout that I stumbled upon these mock-Tudor mansions – whole streets of them – that had no business being in the Andes. Who built these, I wondered? Those houses were a glimpse into a lost world. From there my obsession with the 1940s city began.

I’m listening, so why Unbound?

What, those word liberators?! Unbound are a forward-thinking publisher who know what they want. They’ re not afraid to hand over control to readers. It’s those crowdfunding who decide what gets published by pledging (more on that below). It’s a much more active way of publishing and I respect that.

What’s a pledge then?

It’s akin to a pre-order. You, the reader, decide how much to pledge (see options on the right) and for that you get your name in the supporters’ list inside the book, a copy of the book on publication day and an ebook edition. It makes me feel a bit smooshy inside, this idea that all these people have collectively said yes, they'll back me; they believe in my project. It’s very empowering, for readers and authors.

You had me at hello

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