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Fill Your Heart: Writers on Bowie

An anthology of writers inspired by David Bowie by Tiffany Murray

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Dear all, 

It's quite a night tonight (although Unbound's vetting means you may receive this post on Monday). First there is Iggy's Bowie session on BBC6 Music from 7pm. The BBC site tells us, 'Iggy spins two hours of his favourite Bowie numbers and chats about the times their paths crossed.'

Ha! 'Their paths crossed.' 

Those entwined, tangled, twinned, spiraling, ressurecting 'paths', eh?

Then we have Prom 19 at 10.15 (BBC Radio 3, BBC4, or you know, the Royal Albert Hall). A re-imagining, they say. 

I can't wait. I hope you're watching/listening, too. 

All best, 





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