Talking Bottom

By Mat Brooks, Angela Pearson and Paul Tanter

A Guide to the Cult Sitcom

Monday, 10 July 2023

Hello Bottom fans. "Lovely weather!"

Hello everyone.

We know many of you are eager for an update on the Talking Bottom book so we're here at last, hello! The nation’s sworn in (sworn at!) a new monarch since we last contacted you lovely lovely lovely pledgers and we absolutely understand that you are giving us a well-earned Richie stare wondering where your bit of halibut is.

We aren’t keeping our heads down (“I heard that!”) without good reason. The book is teetering on the edge of being ready to crash into Unbound’s editing team’s hands. That process will take some time as well, but we aren’t dragging our heels intentionally. We don’t want to jinx it but we are waiting for an answer on an interview request with a certain star of a certain sitcom who has recently written their own brilliant book (out later this year!) for which they will be doing loads of publicity to promote. It's entirely possible that it won't happen, we are just a poor sad fan podcast, which means we'll have delayed for months for no benefit but, on balance, we thought it was worth the wait for the potential uniquely incredible insights an interview with the man himself will bring. We really don’t want to fill you (or ourselves) with false hope BUT we would loathe ourselves forever if we make a slight miscalculation on the timing and bag the quotes of a lifetime AFTER it's gone to the printers.

We really must express our continued and sincere thanks for all of your support and patience. Writing a book around our busy crappy little lives has been an effing vertical learning curve. We are going to be so proud to finally unleash it on the world once it’s ready to put on its very best smoking jacket and do it to you all.

We promise that you great mates will be the first to know when we have a publishing date to share!

Remorse remorse remorse, guilt guilt guilt, whirlwind of self-loathing… and come the book launch pub crawl we’ll all buy you a drink!

Paul, Mat and Angela


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Richard hall
 Richard hall says:

Shit! Shit! Shit! VD, VD, VD! Why do I always have to bloody lose everything, always!?

posted 10th July 2023

David Dawson
 David Dawson says:

That’ll do nicely - Mine’s a pint of mild in a half pint glass, please! As a bonus, I won’t have to spend any of the money I made from the line-up this morning!

posted 10th July 2023

Matt Wallwork
 Matt Wallwork says:

Tell me more old baaaagggs! I suppose the book has fallen open at the exact same page!
Taxi! The Copacabana!

posted 10th July 2023

Rich Green
 Rich Green says:

Looking forward to reading the interview with Ethel Cardew!

posted 10th July 2023

Duncan Brown
 Duncan Brown says:

I can't wait to place this book under my mattress between hidden editions of Cosmopolitan and that secret copy of Girly World. I just hope you've inserted some jazz in the pages and that I won't need the dictionary by chapter one, sentence three.

posted 12th July 2023

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