Talking Bottom

By Mat Brooks, Angela Pearson and Paul Tanter

A Guide to the Cult Sitcom

Friday, 17 September 2021

Happy Birthday to Bottom - new reward levels available!

Bottom is 30 years old today! A rather bumper crop of cards this year! 

To celebrate, we thought we’d ‘have everyone round from the pub for bit of a drink and a dance’ and then give you an update on the Talking Bottom book! It’s gonna happen!

Thanks to all you FAAAAAANTASTIC pledgers we are currently furiously writing it, researching it, then stopping and having a fag, and then writing it a bit more. It’s a work in progress and it should be out in 2022 (we don’t know the date yet but we promise, and we mean it - look we haven’t got our fingers crossed or anything – that it will be with you as soon as possible to study. While you’re alone in the house.)

In other big news - to mark Bottom entering its dirty thirties (oo-er) - we’re launching a special anniversary podcast series delving into themes like ‘physical comedy’ and ‘class and poverty’ to honour Bottom’s comedy legacy. There’ll also be exclusive interviews from many of the cast and crew that worked on the show. To find out who you’ll have to search ‘Talking Bottom’ wherever you usually download your podcasts from. It’s free so do try being a bit more Buddhist about it and have a listen!

And, as this is a special occasion, we also have two great new pledge levels being unveiled today:

*‘The gaudily stained loveblob containers’ - A pair of Richie's underpants, complete with their unique "lived in" look. Handle with care (and rubber gloves and tongs).

*’Did you just hear the letterbox flapping?’ - A bundle of post intended for the residents 11 Mafeking Parade has found its way to us. We'll keep the contents a surprise but we did steam one open and saw that Rumbelows REALLY want their TV back…

If you’ve already pledged your support by pre-ordering a copy of the book then that's perfectly OK with us. BUT if you want to upgrade your pledge level or one of your great mates would like to get your hands on these nice bits of objet d’art then share the news quicker than you can say Vote Labour! Here’s a handy link to guide you through the process of upgrading:

Thanks for reading and for all your backing so far. You really are the GUYS. Now go away.

Love from,

ABBA, General Pinochet and all the lads on the Ark Royal.

(Mat, Angela and Paul) xxx

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