Talking Bottom

By Mat Brooks, Angela Pearson and Paul Tanter

A Guide to the Cult Sitcom

Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Bottom fans! ‘Have you ever seen such glorious sunshine?’

‘Close the curtain, I’m trying to watch the TV.’

Hello to all you smashing-blouse-wearing pledgers. If you’re in the UK right now then chances are you’re smothered in ‘low calorie’ sun tan lotion and perhaps looking forward to the return of the need for drizzle oil, gloom juice and WIND SMEAR! Either that or you’re sick to the gold teeth of hearing people banging on about the heat.

Either way, we thought it was high time to send you a summer update on how the Talking Bottom book is progressing. We know many of you have been asking and we appreciate your patience. It turns out penning an intelligently-written, well-researched and (at times) humorous book takes quite a while. And the book we’re writing is taking some time too.

As three of us are scribbling this massive tome, we are each giving every chapter a ruddy good seeing too before we feel confident that the final version is ready to submit. Honestly, you can SEE our nipples we’re working so hard! Once it is delivered, it will be subject to a robust editing process by Unbound (i.e the publishers will make sure it isn’t a load of old b*llocks like War and Peace).

We promise to inform you the moment we can share news of an expected publication date but it is likely going to hit the shelves in 2023, rather than 2022 as first hoped. Apologies that we made a slight miscalculation on the timings but, rest assured, the research stage is complete and large swathes of it are written. We are excited to share our 100% unofficial guide to the greatest sitcom ever made with you all, and we are enduringly grateful to each and every one of you for pledging your hard-earned cash to support the project in the first place.

It’s not too late for others to pledge and get their name printed in the back, and receive exclusive rewards, so do keep spreading the word to other Rik and Ade fans. As a bonus for your efforts, ‘stretch goals’ mean that if the project reaches 150% funding then every reader will receive a set of Bottom postcards and, if we reach 175%, a PDF chapter ‘A-Z’ of Bottom will be unlocked for every pledger, too:

Meanwhile, please follow us on social media (@TalkingBottom) for upcoming podcast updates and Bottom-heavy funny content.

Yours sincerely (and sweatily),

Paul, Angela and Mat xxx

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Rebecca Xibalba
 Rebecca Xibalba says:

Get on with it you sad pathtic winkers!!

Only kidding. Can’t wait!! X

posted 19th July 2022

Léon Charles
 Léon Charles says:

Look at them sweating; it’s like they’ve been masturbating for a MONTH!!

Honestly - this whole situation arose because of Mat & Paul’s sadly DISGUSTING sexual proclivities………..x

posted 19th July 2022

Emma Cordell
 Emma Cordell says:

Seriously, can't wait! Hopefully full of double entendres x

posted 19th July 2022

Callum Hilliard
 Callum Hilliard says:

Pull your fingers out (ooh err). Seriously guys take as long as you need to create the masterpiece.

posted 19th July 2022

Craig Wilson
 Craig Wilson says:

"What's this? Annual membership to "Barbarella's Aerobic Fitness Centre"?" No Rush goldfinger is on the tele.

posted 19th July 2022

Denny Dodds
 Denny Dodds says:

I blame that channel tunnel!

posted 19th July 2022

Philip Bellamy
 Philip Bellamy says:

Brilliant! Now to get to 300% All we need to do now is put all our money on Sad Ken!

posted 20th July 2022

Jonny Hall
 Jonny Hall says:

Not ready to toast you with an Esther Rantzen yet, so will have to settle for a cup of steaming cold tea instead.

posted 20th July 2022

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