Bone Lines

By Stephanie Bretherton

Love is evolutionary…

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Video footage of dragons, and the double-your-dough-donations tally, so far

Ok, not real dragons (because they exist, after all) but at least a dragon's den. Ok, not the real Dragon's Den, but a literary one at Waterstone's Gower Street, in which yours truly channelled all relevant experience of pitching/pleading/presenting/performing/prostrating-herself/pity-seeking and any other relevant 'p' words to get past that so-near-I-can-taste-the-prosecco finish line. 

Here's a video of that, because apparently videos are good for traffic. And now that I have bullied every penny from anyone who ever (used to?) know or like me, or who seems likely to back this project with hard cash, I am going to need more of that random support to complete the crowdfunding. The good news is, the effort shown on film seemed to do just that, so hurrah, I am doing something right. I now have another new supporter with no good reason to get behind me (don't worry Simon) other than interest in the book, or perhaps having a fetish for purple suede boots? But I am quite sure the lovely bookloving fellow (hello, and thanks again!) just really liked my pitch. So…I am now at an awe-inspiring 78%! 

On another happy note, the double-your-dough-donations thing has raised £157 so far (BTW I am working on idea for "Tales from Irmageddon" which hopefully one journo/editor mate currently living through all that, and bylined recently in The Guardian, could pitch to Unbound in the future. Maybe when he has a roof again. There are some amazing accounts / daily updates on social media from some natural storytellers that potentially could make a great find-raising anthology? I will update on how said £157 - and hopefully more - is spent soon. The first batch will be for some tarps for the aforementioned roofless…

Thanks again you lovely, lovely people. 

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