Bone Lines

By Stephanie Bretherton

Love is evolutionary…

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Revelations, reviews and rewards: Cover! 5 out of 5*! Last orders!

We are on the home straight my lovely supporters! And now is the last chance to persuade a mate to back the book, or to buy a special first edition and have someone else’s name printed in it as a gift, or to upgrade a pledge reward (the frontispiece dedication is still available!) because the list closes on  Sunday the 22nd at midnight.

So to keep up the encouragement and anticipation, heremis a sneak-preview first glance of the beautiful cover which YOUR support has enabled:

I can only hope you love it as much as I do? Unbound, the amazing designer and I have worked hard to capture the essence of the book and the interwoven story lines reaching across time, but also to make something eye-catching, beautiful and intriguing (which we also hope will sell sell sell!)

FIRST REVIEW! In other exciting news the first advance review is in from an independent book blogger, and I’m happy to say she has awarded our Bone Lines 5 out of 5 and has said some very lovely things such as (in excerpt):

“Opening up new worlds... what powerful fiction does best...”

“This is a novel that can be appreciated in so many different ways and on so many different levels...”

“It had me rooting for two incredible women and kept me curious right through to a more than satisfying end with its subtle plot.”

“Refreshingly rational ...yet poignant... compassionate, with a bit of mystery... awesome... enlightening.”

And in a very flattering comparison (though I deliberately did not read this book):

“If you liked Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari... as if fictionalised and seen through the eyes of two fierce and admirable women”

Thanks so much to all of you for getting me this far! x




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