Bone Lines

By Stephanie Bretherton

Love is evolutionary…

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Poems! Poems! Come and get your lovely poems! (New rhyme-peddling pledge rewards)

Sooo... two new pledges, Sapien Special and Word to the Wise mean that you get a #bespoke #poem in advance of your book-in-wating! Come on, surely you know someone who needs a handful of couplets? Can't sleep without a sonnet? Needs to feel the freedom of the open verse? And it's a flamin' bargain too! Here's an example that might shame many a proper poet, but which this poor rhyme peddlar is happy to rattle off in honour of ... you name it? 


Love’s Labours not lost (hopefully)


We want your book, they told me, and how I leapt for joy

Began to think of how to fund, of every clever ploy

I roped in Charlie Darwin, Isaac Newton, Mrs May

Pleaded and promoted, thought of any crazy way

To raise that pot of money so my book sees light of day


Hurrah, hurrah, they love me, all my friends are really great

(Even he who’s loaded but is forcing me to wait)

Patience is a virtue, but hardly one of mine

I’m hustling and I’m bustling, crossing over comfort lines

(But can’t they see the deadline, I am running out of time!)


Oh alright then, I will swallow down some harsh reality

It’s just one of many causes, seen perhaps quite trivially

So I’ll get back to my writing, I’ll concentrate on work

I’ll edit and I’ll blog, and I’ll tweet like I’m beserk

In the hope of catching bookworms with some tasty little perk


Get your name inside my book, grab a first edition!

Come to lunch and talk about a writer’s indecision

Have a week in Cornwall, it’s more than worth the price

Get me to your book club, where I’ll talk of sacrifice

(I’ll even write a heartfelt rhyme about your lovely wife)


Please open up those wallets and feel good about the act

Of supporting struggling artists (well at least this hopeful hack)

Making books is tough you know, if it’s work to feel proud of

We give our all, our everything, so that when push comes to shove

We’ll know it’s all been worth it for a labour wrought from love



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