Bone Lines

By Stephanie Bretherton

Love is evolutionary…

Monday, 18 June 2018

Mr Darwin has been deed polled! (new title announcement)

Greetings lovely supporters, Charles and I have some news. After close consultation with our publisher and for very strong reasons, we have decided on a title change!

Dear Mr Darwin has very graciously stepped aside in favour of a new name for the book designed to add more impact, intrigue and genre fluidity while better reflecting the dual narrative (rather than seeming to be solely about a character who writes letters to a long dead scientist.)

So, while I had a certain attachment to the title that encouraged you all to get involved in the first place, it’s been very exciting to make the change and I am thrilled with the new title (here’s hoping that you will be too?) I feel it more effectively suggests the various themes from archaeology to heredity, science to shamanism and ancient journeys of migration to modern medicine. (And Charles very much agrees.)

So, my dear patrons, here’s your book’s new name:




(Covers eyes and takes a deep breath before gauging reactions... Is it safe to look yet?)

In other news, and inspired by the new title I have now briefed the cover designer and the copy edit should be final by end June, with page proofs and layouts soonish thereafter. We have pencilled in September 6th as the official publication day, but we are hoping that you will get your special editions well before then! (Maybe late July but no promises.)


My heartfelt thanks, as ever,



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Mark O'Neill
 Mark O'Neill says:

I like it!

posted 18th June 2018

Hilary Alcock
 Hilary Alcock says:

So do I!

posted 18th June 2018

Rufus Helm
 Rufus Helm says:

I actually prefer the new title!

posted 18th June 2018

John Talbot
 John Talbot says:

I liked the old title but I also prefer the new title - it sounds more modern and less like a BBC costume drama. Good choice.

posted 18th June 2018

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