Bone Lines

By Stephanie Bretherton

Love is evolutionary…

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Every name tells a beautiful story (yes, yours too)

Hopefully all you wonderful people have received your books by now? The paperbacks should have arrived in the post for those who pledged for them and there should be download links for the e-books in all relevant inboxes? So, all that’s left to say for now is that I hope you enjoy reading and feel that backing Bones Lines has been worthwhile (and, if so, please tell anyone who might give a hoot about it, including your local bookstore  – and then do please get online and do the same!)

For me, one of the most moving aspects of opening my book for the first time was to see that lovely list of patrons. “These are the people of my life,” I thought. So many wonderful names. Old friends and new. Family and colleagues. Writers and readers. Each of those relationship tells its own story and has its own resonance and I was deeply touched (actually moved to tears) at seeing all your names in my book. Even if we have never met, the fact that you care enough about books - and that you cared enough about my book to help bring it life - makes you very special to me.

Thank you for putting your name in ‘our’ book.

Much love


ps... if you want to see just how much it meant, there's an ever so slightly cringey video of me opening the book box on my twitter feed @BrethertonWords :)

pps - am doing a bunch of bookish events through the Autumn, including the Bristol Lit Fest on the 28th Oct, Broadhursts of Southport on Nov 3rd, Owl Bookshop Kentish Town on Nov 14th and Primrose Hill Library on Nov 21st and will update on those here and on my website (do sign up!) but the first one up is Nottingham Waterstones on October 6th if anyone is around...

(And if anyone has had any trouble getting hold of the book please email )


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