Bone Lines

By Stephanie Bretherton

Love is evolutionary…

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Edits, typos and surprising underwear...

Dear (wonderfully patient) supporters

I am happy to say that another crucial stage of the book’s evolution is complete and the final edit of the manuscript has been returned to my (also very patient) publisher for the copyedit process. “Wait,” I here you say, “I thought all the bloomin’ editing was done?”

Well, yes, but… this is now the (hopefully quick) stage in which, after all that messing about with the manuscript, any stray commas or misplaced pronouns or flabby adverbs get rounded up and whipped into shape – and any lurking typos are shown the door. Which is just as well because only yesterday I managed to type “unexpected gussets” instead of “unexpected guests.”

Now you would not be alone in finding the former far more interesting than the latter (and I must admit, I am considering it as the title for my next novel) but out of context it isn’t really appropriate for poor old Mr Darwin, is it?

But picture this!  Now is also the time that we begin the design process, which is most exciting, and I have been able to excuse any time spent on Instagram recently as vital research in terms of cover photography. And I think I have found a beauty, with which I hope my publisher and cover designer will agree.

Which all means it’s looking increasingly like a September launch, so I do hope that nobody was counting on my efforts for their summer beach read – but, hey, at least we will be in good time for any Christmas shopping!

And on that note you may wish to know that it’s still possible to back the book – in any way – but also as a gift whereby you can have someone else’s name printed in it as a patron (and in fact the main frontispiece dedication remains available for the veeeerrrry generous) so still plenty of time to get on board if you can think of anyone else who might be interested, or who needs a whole book dedicated to them?

Many thanks, as ever

Stephanie x

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