Bone Lines

By Stephanie Bretherton

Love is evolutionary…

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Caribbean needs your help (me, my characters and Mr Darwin will be good for a bit)

Hello, been a bit distracted past few days with the horrors of hurricane #Irma, especally as I have a very close bond with the Virgin Islands (US and British). I am sure you have all seen the devastation, no need to elaborate on the suffering. (Several supporters here are from there and have family there, two are stranded there right now.) There are many help efforts being co-ordinated, please see some links below. I am also hoping to work with BVI House / Tourist Board in London on an initiative to gather more 'personal' supplies for those left with nothing, will update on that when I know more; (Branson promising no admin costs and I'm sure will be transparent and accountable, whatever anyone's opinion on he or Virgin, he has been a very good friend to the Islands - and also please don't believe the nonsense these islands are rich enough to help themsleves - it is just that - nonsense and inhumane to boot.)

British Gov also matching donations to Red Cross up to £3m: 

Also a small thing - and NOT a request, but I will be doubling the amount of any pledges (up to £60 each) I get here over the next week in further donations to one of the above.

Thanks for all your amazing support so far, now let's spread that love around a bit...

And, here are a few lines that may resonate with anyone who knows or loves the islands:

Tears for Tortola

I lie in bed weeping, distracted and sleepless
Attempting to patch up an island in pieces
To gather the shards so cruelly scattered
To glue back the beauty that Irma has shattered
To paint the trees green again, build back the homes
To soothe aching hearts and to mend broken bones
To re-float the boats and to raise sunken hopes
To stitch back the huts and the roads and the ghuts
To bring back the palms and the joy and the calm
But all that I have is a heart racked with worry, 
Helpless and useless, yet trying to rally
To act and connect, to donate and effect
To be of more use than just mourning a memory

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