Bone Lines

By Stephanie Bretherton

Love is evolutionary…

Monday, 21 August 2017

Can you tell a story in 75 words? (Paragraph Planet thinks so.)

Hello you lovely people... Don't worry, not asking for anything! Just wanted to share my 75 word story which featured on Paragraph Planet today (21/8/17). As it will be up for today only, and I am not sure when you will see this update, here is both the link, and the full paragraph copied in below. (Not that anyone as rational as us lot believe in good omens or anything, but I am loving that this went up on #eclipse day.) 


I once met a man who wanted to kill a lion 'before they all disappeared.' If he was aware of the irony he did not show it. Neither did I attempt to point it out. It seemed, well, pointless. I reasoned that I had two choices. Shoot this man before he could shoot a lion, or try to love him into loving life. I did not have a gun, so only the second option remained.

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