Bobby Denise Is Reigning Rampant

By Daniel Ross

The darkly comic story of a retired Las Vegas stage magician and big cat enthusiast, dragged back into the spotlight by the consequences of one huge mistake.

Monday, 12 June 2017

We’re at 25%!

We made it to 25% in about 2-and-a-bit weeks. YOU GUYS.

I feel like, now that there’s 45 of us in this weird little club, we can all be honest. So everyone grab a hand. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know the person sitting next to you. Don’t worry if your hand’s a bit clammy. No-one judges in the 45.

This is the first actual milestone: a quarter of the way to being fully funded, a quarter of the way to a physical book in your hands. Which is all well and good, but I imagine (don’t let your hands go) you’ll want some assurance that I’m working hard to make this happen. To get our book done.

To that end, this week I’ll be strolling confidently into the world-famous Brixton Book Group to convince them that they really do want to buy several copies of a violent book about a retired magician. Following that I’ll be dropping in on the Croydon Writers, a formidably efficient-seeming bunch of creative writers to whom I will also be pleading and peddling. If all goes well, we might end up with a few more members of our weird little club as a result. Please be nice to them if and when they arrive.

Speaking of widening our network, I'm delighted that two of our local bookshops have been trumpeting the book on social media - special thanks to Rye Books and Village Books in Dulwich for their individual tweetstorms.

We’ll also be getting BADGES. Possibly even PATCHES. I’m not even kidding. A friend of mine is a designer and will be sorting out some artwork I can get onto some patches or pins, which will then form a brand-new pledging reward and merchandising tidbit. Amazing, right? I know you’ve obviously pledged already (seriously: don’t let go of my hands, not like this), but these are going to look magnificent.

OK, drop hands now.

So, until next time, you 45 pledgends, please keep spreading the word to those around you who might have a book club at their disposal, or a spare £20 and a space on their bookshelf. I’m really heartened by the number of pledgers on the list that I don’t even know, so I’m assuming you’re all doing your job beautifully, and I thank you sincerely.

That’s about all for now, so please enjoy some music: the YouTube link at the top is a song by Dungen. They are from Sweden and they are pretty cosmic. One of the magicians in BDIRR is named after this band, for no other reason than it is a cool word that I’m unconfident in pronouncing.

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