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By Daniel Ross

The darkly comic story of a retired Las Vegas stage magician and big cat enthusiast, dragged back into the spotlight by the consequences of one huge mistake.

Monday, 14 August 2017

We pitched live in a pub!

First things first - let’s welcome in the new recruits, shall we? I estimate that there’s now around 85 of you wonderful connoisseurs in our little gang, a touch more than the 80 listed on the site (this is down to pub encounters and in-person donations, mostly). That’s quite a lot of people, really, isn’t it? I think you could conceivably hold an event in the Buffalo Bar in Highbury with 85 people in the audience and call it ‘rammed’. Don’t worry that the Buffalo Bar closed down a couple of years ago.

[Supplemental info: one time in about 2007, me and my friend Daryl were so entranced by The Butterflies of Love at the Buffalo Bar that we missed our last train home and had to stay out all night - we celebrated this development by immediately buying a round of apple crumble shots, which consisted of Apple Sourz with digestive biscuits crumbled over the top. Great days.]

The headline is: we’re at 44%, which is way rosier than 43%, or 41%, or 29%, so I’m feeling alright about things generally speaking. As always, you can also help by subtly sneaking BDIRR into conversation if someone you know is coming to the end of their current book (especially if it was a bad or offensive book), or if their book club is actively seeking something melancholy.

Anyway, shall we have a quick rundown of what’s been going on recently?

The Unofficial Unbound Pledge Party

So, to Nunhead: last week, myself and three other wonderful Unbound authors/editors cobbled together a pledging event in The Beer Shop, which just so happens to be about five minutes’ walk from my door. I am nothing if not keen to minimise my personal inconvenience. We all pitched valiantly and managed to fill the place quite convincingly. Thanks Hilary, Stephanie and Niall, thanks Beer Shop, thanks attendees!

Here is what happens to my body and face when I do public speaking:

Styling courtesy of Martha.

Elsewhere, I wrote this long-winded but hopefully interesting piece for The Quietus about exercise, Sun Ra, creativity and states of bliss achievable only by using slow-twitch muscle fibres. Now THAT is an editorial hook. Bobby Denise loves Sun Ra and, in fact, does a vast amount of exercise while listening to his work, so y’know, it counts as book promo. (Great opportunity to remind your friends of the cassette mixtape pledge, FYI.)

And then I also gave Lounge Books a list of my favourite books about showbiz, which was also excellent fun:

What’s coming up

I have no actual physical events coming up at the moment, due to a combination of an insane wedding schedule and multiple work excursions throughout the next six weeks, but in terms of non-IRL interaction you lot are going to be sick of me. Podcasts, Q&As, local paper pieces (local to me in Peckham and also local to child-me in Bognor Regis): EXPECT ALL OF THEM.

In the meantime, let’s not bask too long in the balmy climes of 44%. Even though it’s a good amount, it’s also a completely rubbish amount compared to 50%. Likewise 80 people (or 85, whatever the real number is). It’s really pleasing, but don’t you think there’s room in the Buffalo Bar for some more pledgends? Like, 100, for example? This is the trouble with numbers. Let’s do 50% or 100 people, then we’ll talk again.

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