Bobby Denise Is Reigning Rampant

By Daniel Ross

The darkly comic story of a retired Las Vegas stage magician and big cat enthusiast, dragged back into the spotlight by the consequences of one huge mistake.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Are we nearly there yet?

Hi gang,

Let’s take stock, shall we? Last time I sent a message out, we were at 25%. I’m delighted to say that we’ve now sailed past that milestone and, in fact, past the 1/3 milestone too. Milestones are crumbling in our wake and causing a right royal mess for the local trawlers, I can tell you. We are sitting pretty at 35%.  The next milestone, however, is a little way off. 50% seems like the real watershed. Once we’re past halfway, well, we’re past halfway, aren’t we?

So if you haven’t already, please do consider telling a friend about Bobby Denise. If it’s a wealthy friend with an interest in melancholy fiction, then so much the better. Tell them I’m good for it. No need to be too truthful. Having pretty much no profile outside of my house (or inside it tbh), the success of BDIRR really does rest on people spreading the word.

In pledgend news, we welcome another 20-odd people into the inner circle (I can’t be very precise here because I’ve had people give me cash pledges in the pub. There could be millions of us one day). Thanks to you all for supporting what promises to be, if nothing else, some words on some pages.

What have I been doing?
WELL. I’ve been taking my own advice and spreading the word, obviously. I went along to Brixton Book Group (thanks Pete and Alison - I’ll be back soon) to wang on about Bobby, and they were kind enough to ask questions and do a good job of looking interested. Some people even pledged. And then earlier this week I did the same thing at Croydon Writers - again, a wonderful experience, attentive questions asked, and some new supporters gained along the way. I did also accidentally wander into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting while I was there, which you can read about here.

What next?
The good news is that we’ve got an unofficial pledging party coming up! The excellent folk at The Beer Shop in Nunhead will be hosting me and three other Unbound authors as we pitch our books direct to punters. It’s going to be on August 10th.

As promised last time I posted an update, there are also a skiffload of new pledging levels (well, two). The quite preternaturally talented Lloyd Stas was good enough to design a badge and a poster featuring Bobby’s murderous tiger, which are now available to purchase. Honestly, they are gorgeous items. For me, it’s made the book feel a tiny bit more real, and for you, I hope they make your empty wall/leather jacket/swimming trunks look a little more stylish.


I believe it’s possible to UPGRADE your pledge, so if one of these takes your fancy, then let’s do it. If you’ve already got a paperback, an extra £20 will get you a beautiful poster - amazing, right?

Finally, Peckham residents: I’m sorry to say you might be seeing Bobby Denise flyers all over your favourite drinking establishments very soon as I begin to leaflet-drop the area like Paul Nuttall on MDMA. Please don’t make me a litterer. Take them home with you. #leavenotrace



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