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Thank You Giveaway for TWO SUPPORTERS And Book Endorsement by Literary Heavyweight.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Hello, Darlings!

It goes without saying how tough crowdfunding is.  One of my Unbound chums, Stevyn Colgan, describes it as ‘wading uphill through peanut butter’. While not quite as delicious it certainly describes the process accurately. 

It is incredibly hard work and really defies the British way of speaking softly about money or in code, ‘I could really do with some dosh, chum’, one might say, but only if one is living in a matchbox inside the public phone box in Fugglestone St. Peter.  Never before!

Every pledge we receive is so gratitude-inspiring I’ve even been known to tap-dance euphorically in time to a Bavarian Oompah Band.  Everyone of you who have supported the novel and, my writing are progressive, Arts supporting marvels and I wanted to say ‘thank you’ with a little Christmas Giveaway.

Two supporters (who have supported between now and the 24th December) will be drawn from a cyber-hat and given an original Christmas Flower print in any colour scheme of their choice.

You can see the red one below.  These prints can be blown up to any proportion and look wonderful when they are framed.

The second bit of coup-achieving news is you can now read Lesley Glaister’s wonderful endorsement of my book on my Unbound page.  It is incredibly generous of Lesley and I am over the moon about it.   She is one of my greatest influences (and favourite authors) so to have her onboard and eager to buy Blood On The Banana Leaf when it’s published is something very special.  Thank you, Lesley.  You can read it below.


'Tabatha Stirling’s brilliantly achieved first novel, Blood on the Banana Leaf, explores the relationships between maids and their employers in Singapore, exposing deeply unsettling truths about what goes on behind the glossy surface of that society. Told in the superbly nuanced voices of four very different female characters, it’s a great read; tense, vivid and involving, both heart-breaking and heart-warming. Tabatha is a talented, brave and accomplished writer and I do hope her novel gains the recognition and success it deserves.'

Lesley Glaister is the critically acclaimed author of thirteen novels and the winner of the Jerwood Prize for Fiction 2014 for her novel, Little Egypt.


That’s it for now but I’ll be in touch soon.



Tabby x


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Darius Stransky
Darius Stransky says:

Nice one Tabs - shared and sending you every good wish x

December 07, 2016

Tabatha Stirling
Tabatha Stirling says:

Thanks, my darling, Silver Fox

December 07, 2016

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