Blind Side

By Jennie Ensor

A thriller set in London during the time of the 7/7 terror attacks

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Recent reactions to Blind Side

First of all I want to thank all the wonderful people who've put mouse to screen and found something to say about my book. I really appreciate your generosity and the effort taken to post an Amazon or Goodreads review. From my own recent reviewing attempts I know how difficult it can be to say something half sensible about a novel, especially a thriller, without giving away too much of the plot! 

Anyone who's considering leaving a review of Blind Side: please do, you would make one writer very happy! Bear in mind that a 'review' can be a short comment and doesn't have to be incredibly intelligent, witty or profound:) Just give your reaction while reading the book then maybe a couple of things you liked in particular, and don't forget to leave a few stars as your 'rating'.

Anyone who's pledged for Blind Side and hasn't yet downloaded it: You can get a copy of the book at any time - see my previous post. First you need to log in, then from the Blind Side/ebooks page you can download one or more of the three file types shown - mobi for Kindle and Kindle apps, epub for e-readers/Apple devices or a pdf that any computer will be able to read. Any issues from lost password to technophobia, just contact the friendly Unbound support team. (A link with contact info is at the bottom of this page.) 

Next I'd like to share with you a superbly written, thoughtful review of Blind Side which Poppy Peacock posted last week in her blog Poppy Peacock Pens. (Also read my answers to her somewhat challenging questions about writing the book, and so forth.) Here's a snippet:

A few weeks earlier Emma Littlefield reviewed Blind Side for her blog Once Upon a Littlefield.

Here's a couple of October's reviews of Blind Side from

Further reviews from book bloggers are due in the coming months... All this activity will help to get my book noticed and ultimately into the hands of more readers - which hopefully will increase its chances of coming out as a paperback one day. Watch this space for further news and do check out my blog

A scary Halloween to y'all!

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