Blind Side

By Jennie Ensor

A thriller set in London during the time of the 7/7 terror attacks

Friday, 5 August 2016

Readers and Reviews!

By now most of you will have noticed that my book has come out. Yes, it actually happened! The publication date was brought forward at the last minute so the book would be available during the blog tour - more on that later. Thanks again for helping to make it happen, I’m waiting here in suspense to find out what you think of it! 

If you enjoy reading Blind Side...  it would be TOTALLY BRILLIANT if you could leave a rating and a review, however short, on Amazon - or perhaps on GoodReads if you’re a member. This will help make the book more visible to potential buyers - and help it to zoom up the rankings! Note: At time of writing it’s already hitting the top 500 within its category on Amazon.

To review on Amazon, sign in and either search for ‘Blind Side’ or paste in the direct link (this automatically lists book in your country’s Amazon).

Also, of course, feel free to share your enjoyment with anyone you know who hasn’t read the book - and might be keen to buy a copy!

All who pledged should have had an email from Unbound saying Blind Side ebook is now available to download with a link to download your e-book. If you haven’t, if you are logged into your Unbound account you can download the ebook from here.


Direct links to Blind Side:



To buy from Unbound:

The book link on Goodreads for reviews:


Blog tour highlights

Back to the blog tour. Last week the Blind Side blog tour passed through the book blogging world without derailing and left in its wake one immensely happy but weary author. (Too many nights up at 2am trying to finish my guest posts.)


Executive summary of reviews

They liked it, a lot!


The best bits

Blind Side main page:

To read the full reviews, go to the blogs themselves:

26 July – Cleopatra Loves Books review

27 July – The Last Word Book Review review

28 July – The Book Magnet review

29 July – Reviewed The Book review


Here are my guest posts, in which I talk about things such as creating tension, writing recent historical fiction and the difficulties of writing about extreme events like 7/7.

21 July – The Last Word Book Review guest post

24 July – The Book Review Café guest post

25 July – Liz Loves Books guest post

Linda’s Book Bag guest post


And a couple of interviews I did, with varying degrees of seriousness:

22 July Q&As

The Knitted Curiosity Cabinet



That’s it folks... until next time.

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