Blind Side

By Jennie Ensor

A thriller set in London during the time of the 7/7 terror attacks

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Book out July 23rd!! Preview of cover & Blind Side blog tour starts 21st July

In a tizz here with 1001 things to do now that Blind Side's release date has been moved forward to 23 July. That's this Saturday! *wipes brow, collapses onto keyboard*

Everyone who isn't a Blind Side supporter will then be able to buy it via Amazon, Kobo and iTunes at the retail price, which I still don't know but should be under £5. Anyone in a desperate rush to get their hands on an ebook on 21-22 July (the first two days of the blog tour) will be able to do so via Blind Side's Unbound page, which will have a new Buy button. This doesn't apply to supporters who've pledged for Ghosts of Chechnya/Blind Side, of course. Hopefully all you guys who've supported the book will get your special copies with names in on the 23rd too.

OK, let's have a drum roll... Here's the new cover:

Not bad, is it?

And here's the blog tour banner:

You can follow the tour day by day and tweet about it if you're on Twitter using the hashtag #blindsidebook. 

21 July
The Last Word Book Review – guest post

22 July
The Knitted Curiosity Cabinet – Q&A
NewsNibbles – Q&A

23 July
The Book Review Café – cover reveal

24 July
The Book Review Café – guest post

25 July
Liz Loves Books – guest post

Linda’s Book Bag – guest post

26 July
Cleopatra Loves Books – review

27 July
The Last Word Book Review – review

28 July

The Book Magnet – review

29 July
Reviewed The Book – review

30 July
Reviewed The Book – giveaway

I'm hard at work writing guest posts and author Q&As for the tour in beween doing the final read-through in parallel with the proof-reader in case any small errors. An important part of the tour will be bloggers reviews (cue cold sweaty palms).

Will go back to proof-reading now. The main thing is, thank you to all who pledged for this wonderful opportunity. This book of mine that almost got tossed into the metaphorical shredder is now on the verge of stepping out into the world. I hope you enjoy the read. No refunds if you don't :) Please share this info with friends or anyone within earshot. Blind Side is now available to pre-order and to buy from Amazon and other e-book outlets from 23 July - and on 21 July (today!) is setting off on a blog tour.

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Martine McDonagh
 Martine McDonagh says:

Congratulations Jennie, looking forward to reading it!

posted 21st July 2016

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