Blind Side

By Jennie Ensor

A thriller set in London during the time of the 7/7 terror attacks

Thursday, 27 July 2017

All the latest that's happening with my book

As I’ve not popped in to my Unbound project for a while, here’s an ‘Update’. Note: Sadly the Shed was demolished after being found unconducive to late night scribbling.

Lots happening lately, so I will attempt to be concise :)

Recent book events

I organised a crime author panel at Crouch End Waterstones last week which went wonderfully well, with only one person deterred by the locked doors after 7pm (latecomers had to knock frantically to be let in). My fellow Unbound authors Ian Skewis (A Murder Of Crows) and Kerensa Jennings (Seas Of Snow) joined me to discuss various aspects of crime writing, such as why we read crime fiction, and does an author have any responsibiliity to readers when writing about extreme violence or sexual violence. Here's an event report from the panel's excellent moderator, Katherine Sunderland.

I was delighted to see a flurry of people at the event, many of which I’d never met before. After the discussion ended (with some difficulty as none of us wanted to shut up) there were lots of questions from the audience and a good number of books signed.

Earlier in the month on 5th July I appeared at an event in Harpenden with Unbound authors Jessica Duchen (Ghost Variations) and Kerensa Jennings (Seas Of Snow). A panel discussion focussing on the real life issues and inspirations behind our three books, it was hosted by Katherine Sunderland, accompanied by staff from the local bookshop. Katherine also reviewed all three books on her BibliomaniacUK blog (scroll down to Sunday, 23 July 2017).

Please note, I can highly recommend all three of the books mentioned above, which I have reviewed on my author blog

Recent review

I was highly chuffed the other day to receive a thoughtful and overwhelmingly appreciative 5-star review of Blind Side from book blogger Abby Fairweather (whose partner is a war veteran) along with my replies to her sometimes challenging questions. When a reader totally gets what you've been trying to say, it really does make all the effort one's put in over the years seem worthwhile. Thankfully no-one has yet said the book sucks (it's bound to happen now) and nearly all of the 70+ reviews now on Amazon UK and .com are 4- or 5-star.

Talking of reviews, anyone who’s read my book and enjoyed it, don’t forget that someone would be thrilled to see your review on Amazon. (Thanks ever so much if you’ve done this already!) Sorry to mention this yet again, but reviews really do help to make a book more visible to others who might enjoy it too. Just log in to your account, search for ‘Blind Side’ by Jennie Ensor and scroll down to Leave a Review. (A brief comment is fine, you can be anonymous if you want and you don’t need to have bought a copy on Amazon.)

Holiday reading

Now the summer holidays are on us, you may well want some engrossing beach/poolside/garden reading. A reminder that paperback copies of Blind Side can be ordered from your local bookshop (UK only – it's stocked in many north London shops including Camden and Crouch End Waterstones, Muswell Hill Books and Highgate Bookshop) or else you can order it from, UK or your local one. If you’ve already read the ebook, the paperback could make a lovely gift to any bookworms in your life :)

What’s happening next

After the two book events in July (plus another fantastic one in May with Jessica Duchen at Sheen Bookshop, I forgot to mention), organising a "Summer Author Takeover" (a series of guest posts on my blog), continuing efforts to get Blind Side into libraries, bookshops and readers' hands - plus beavering away to try to finish my second novel, I'm looking forward to heading off to France for a total change of scene. I hope to spend my time reading, writing and pondering nothing in particular :) Mice permitting, that is. Hopefully they won't reappear en masse when I'm in the house alone for a week...

That’s it for now. I hope you have a wonderful summer, whatever you’re up to.

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