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66% funded!!! Almost there now, if only I can keep on going a bit longer...

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Just one final gut-wrenching slog and I will be galloping along the home straight towards the finish line, forgetting that I'm feeling as knackered as my mud-splattered old Adidas trainers and everything aches and my throat is dry as a camel's you-know-what and all the spectators have gone to watch that guy who overtook me ten miles back... All those hours and days and weeks of pledge-gathering will be behind me.

There'll be no more furtive peeps at that % funded graphic, no more early-hours contemplation of exactly why I am engaged in this marathon effort, no more ill-disguised yawns from my nearest and now not-quite-so dearest who have other more pressing things to think about than the stagnant interludes and occasional joyous leaps of my Unbound book, no more...

Sorry got to go, nearly slipped on a dead hedgehog and damn it, my shoelace has come undone yet again and someone's throwing old Writers & Artists Yearbooks at me. And now it's starting to rain, ohnononono...

But never say die, I'm keeping on keeping on, huffpuff huffpuff, the end is coming, surely, any minute now...

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Nick Tischler
Nick Tischler says:

Congratulations, Jenny!

At the end of the marathon you got a second wind and sped to the finishing post and beyond. You are now, or soon will be, a published author!

I look forward to colouring in your book.... Wait, did I back the right one?

February 23, 2016

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