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Maverick cop Jolly Macken goes looking for a killer, but accidentally starts a war

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Word of mouth to 85%

Blackwatertown is nearly to 100%. And yes, as the sign suggests, it really does exist. Though my version is fictionalised and set in the 1950s.

The reason I’ve reached 85% is because I asked a small number of generous people who had already supported Blackwatertown, not to back me again, but to think of one person they knew who might consider supporting the book and pre-ordering a copy. And then to ask them. It worked! Thank you Su and Chen.

So I’m now asking the rest of you kind book backers. Can you think of a specific person (or a couple of people) you know, who you could tell about Blackwatertown, who might enjoy having their name in every copy of the book? Could you please have a chat with them or email or text or WhatsApp them about it?

I’ll still be going out talking to people directly myself of course, but with recommendations from you too, we’ll soon crack it and reach 100% and set the publication machine rolling.

In the meantime, it’s my pleasure to thank and to welcome some new supporters: Paramjit Singh, Ranjit Kaur Mangat, Julian Leach, Al Jackson, Sandi Leonard, Sarah Cowen, Dorothy Murphy and Liam Howard.

Thank you all very much for your backing and encouragement.


PS: Thanks Saadia for the scarf. But can anyone (apart from Chen) say where it came from?

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