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Maverick cop Jolly Macken goes looking for a killer, but accidentally starts a war

Monday, 9 September 2019

We've reached the 80s

Our last update was at two thirds funded and I was waiting to hit three quarters before I got in touch again. But we've smashed through that to more than four fifths - 81% to be precise. And it's all because of y-y-y-you. (Max Headroom? Anybody?)

I've been spreading the word about Blackwatertown in various places - including on Mens Radio with host Kenny "the Man Whisperer" Mammarella-D'Cruz. An hour of video/radio/online - it all gets mixed up together these days.

If not, here's a pic of the stall I ran at the Chalfont St Giles country show with two other Unbound authors - Geoff Gudgion and my We'd Like A Word book/author podcast/radio show co-presenter Stevyn Colgan. Geoff's book is Draca - click on the book title to be taken to his page. It's raising money for the charity Combat Stress. Steve's book is Cockerings - again, click on the book title to be taken there. It's the third in a very funny series - the first being A Murder To Die For and The Diabolical Club.

But enough about them. Back to me - and my massive poster for Blackwatertown. It attracted lots of friendly readers and beautiful dogs, and helped Blackwatertown's funding leap up into the 80s.

Which means firstly, that I have a lot more people to thank: Varun, Bipasha and Vansh, Jason Grubbs, Stephanie Bretherton (writing promotion guru and author of Bone Lines), We'd Like A Word fan Janice Staines, Steve Fleming, Jane Moore, Rudy Noriega (author of Yellow Arrow Fever: The Grumpy Pilgrim's Guide to Santiago), Sandra Offord, Helen Cullen (author of The Lost letters of William Woolf), Nicola "Pride of Belfast" McLean, Sarah Norris, Vibeke Venema, Gerard Brennan (author of Disorder), Daniel Emery, Amelia Coffen, Purminder Ghandu, Judith "come back, we miss you" Flashman, Peter Burroughs, Ewan Laurie (author of No Good Deed and Gibbous House), Justin O'Kelly (author of The Smell of Good Decisions), David Hunter, Rob Quick, Simon Avery (of Milton's Cottage Museum), Mary Clancy, Katie Phillips, Tracey English, Fabio De Robertis, Anna Millar, Matt C, Janice Still, Juliet La Marque, Louise Martin, Yoko Saito, John Backshall, David Heath, Andrew Scott-Priestley, Gary Lonergan, Richard Pearce, Nick Couldry, Steve Daish, Thalia Cunliffe, Chris "mountain man" Rumsey and Samantha Lloyd.

And secondly, that the end - 100% funding and publication - is in sight! Just about, if you squint. So if you're looking forward to getting your hands or e-reader on Blackwatertown, please encourage a mate or two to order it too, and we'll be there. (You can share this update on social media if you feel like it too.) Thanks for all your support so far.

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