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Maverick cop Jolly Macken goes looking for a killer, but accidentally starts a war

Monday, 27 May 2019

On the platform

When you get a platform, it's good to give a platform. The Chiltern Chatter website and newsletter kindly gave me a platform to talk about my book Blackwatertown and asked me to talk about my favourite places. So I'm celebrating some businesses local to me - giving them a platform. It's helps that the people there are universally gorgeous - see pic of Tom behind the bar of the Jolly Cricketers (or any of the other pics if you follow the Chiltern Chatter link). You'll be shocked to discover though, that my favourite places are not all pubs.

I've received a lot of support for my book from some particular groups of people - other writers and a mainly American group known as Su's lovelies. I'll tell you about them both in future updates. In the meantime I must thank some individual pledgers from the UK, Ireland, Taiwan, India and South Africa. Thank you very much for your support and generosity to Brenda Floyd (last seen on the other side of the bar from Tom), Parmjit Singh of Kashi House publishers, Richard Vadon, Adam Nicholls, Greg Fulton, Mark Vent, Arvind Minocha, an anonymous pledger, Peter Richmond, Ya Chin Su, Debra Mowers, another anon pledger, Su Verhoeven, Sarah Parfitt, Kirsty McQuire, musician David O'Connell, Richard Roy, Carien Windell, Tanya Conyers-Silverthorn, Drew Leckie, Melanie Elliott and writers Kirsty Allison, Tim Samuels and Ed Davey.

You've all got Blackwatertown to 43% funding so far. A little bit of social media sharing and telling your mates and we'll soon be over halfway there. Thank you.

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Dai Jones
 Dai Jones says:

Great work so far, Paul! Have been sharing on Social Media but let me know if I can help get this to a wider audience... :-) Speak soon, Dai.

posted 28th May 2019

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