By Paul Waters

Maverick cop Jolly Macken goes looking for a killer, but accidentally starts a war

Monday, 20 May 2019

Now for the hard part...

Thank you all for taking Blackwatertown to 31 per cent in under a week. The boffins at Unbound (the publisher) say that books reaching 30 per cent funding in 30 days are set fair to succeed. So we're smashing it.

But now for the hard part. I'm feeling the love from all of you who have pledged to support the book and have shared on social media and told other people. The next 69 per cent will be harder to achieve. So if you can spread the word even further or ask me on for a chat on any written, online, radio or TV platform, please do. It'll bring the day the printing presses roll even closer.

I've thanked some people already. I want to thank some more now. Thanks Alena Doll for naming a female character. (Just a male character left to name.) Thanks film makers Louise Gallagher, Eddy Joseph and Richard Rowntree. (Fim and TV rights still available - hint hint.) Thank you writers, artists and musicians Paul Nagle, Geoffrey Gudgion (his book Draca), Ciaran Ward, Patrick Altes and Trevor Tall. Thanks Jolly Cricketer regulars Jimbo and Wink. Thanks to those in Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and Spain. And thanks also to Robin Silvester, Ben Geoghegan, Howard Benson, Gary Sired, Joe Cawley, Barry Turley, Mark Gentry, Swazi Kaur, Andy Tsoi, Gary Duffy, Zoya Kensi, Lizz Pearson, Simon Edwards, Julian Worricker, Mike Workman, Melanie Perry, Marion Richmond, Lisa English, Paul Lewis, James Watson, Matt McGrath, Haydn Parry, Janet Inglis, Sophia Dettmer, George Mann, Frances McAleese, Andy Hardy, Tim Jenkins, Deirdre McConvey, Husain Husaini, Clem McGuinness, My darling Clarie Bell, Pam Seaman, Rosie Arkwright, Kim Graber, Adam Rosser, John Atmore, Bonnie Sneed, Adrian Horsman, Richard Horton, Jonathan Kent, Simon Button, Clare Waters, Lorraine Golli, Woon Tan, Jamie Cawley and Lia Baker Perera.

Thanks all of you. I really cannot say it enough.

In my previous update I shared a photo of RUC (police) District Inspector Murphy – aka Great Uncle Mike. Not everyone shared his views - as evidenced in songs about the time that Blackwatertown is set. The video is of The Patriot Game (no, not the film) about Feargal O'Hanlon, one of the IRA members who died during the 1950s insurgency. The lyrics are by Dominic Behan. The performers are the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. 


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