By Paul Waters

Maverick cop Jolly Macken goes looking for a killer, but accidentally starts a war

Monday, 27 July 2020

Has your book arrived?

Lots of you have received your copies of Blackwatertown - across Britain and Ireland, north America, Europe, Asia. I'd love to see pictures of you holding it, or against some recognisable landmark or street sign. If you can't leave a comment below, you can email me at paulwaters99 AT hotmail DOT com

Thanks to Janice Staines for the Blackwatertown in space picture. Must have been a determined postie to reach you up there, Janice.

But if you have not yet received your book, here are your options...

  1. It's still on the way. Some postage has been delayed because of the pandemic. (Though Unbound seemed to have reached some very far flung supporters very well.)
  2. Did you confirm your address? Or did you just delete that email from Unbound asking you to double check your address before they post out your book? It's apparently a coronavirus precaution. They want to be sure to send books to the right places. The email may have ended up in your junk mail folder or deleted folder. If you can't find it, don't worry - just log in to the Unbound website and confirm your address on your account page.
  3. No really, are you sure you've confirmed your address? (See point 2.)
  4. If all else fails, get in touch with me and I'll contact Unbound on your behalf. But you know the first question they'll ask me... Did he or she confirm their address?

Now that Blackwatertown has been officially published, I'd love you to write a review of it on Amazon and Goodreads. You don't have to buy Blackwatertown on Amazon to be able to review it there. And reviews really boost with a book's visibility to other potential readers, so a review or rating would be a massive help. I'd don't have any publicity department helping. It's just me. And you. Which is a pretty good start. Here's the url of Blackwatertown on Amazon

And if you find that you're attracting admiring glances as you stroll about with your copy of Blackwatertown under your arm or poking out of your bag, please direct people to my list of places they buy their own copy. It's not just available from Amazon (though please do leave a review there), you can also order from some very lovely bookshops. One may be in your neighbourhood - and if not, they'll do mail order. 

The Buy The Book page even has a map. If your county is not coloured in, ask your local bookshop to stock Blackwatertown. (You've already paid for yours, so I'm not asking you to buy it again. But somebody might if they see it on a bookshop shelf.)






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