By Paul Waters

Maverick cop Jolly Macken goes looking for a killer, but accidentally starts a war

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Got you covered... (plus publication date!)

(Sorry for the rapid resend, I'll explain why below) You're the first to see the book cover for Blackwatertown. And you're getting a bit of spine action too there. Hope you like it. Hope other potential readers do too. (Not showing you the back cover yet, because I'm finalising some very cool author quotes.)

And you're also the first I'm telling about my new website - my new author website. (Ooh, get him!) It's here 

(If you fancy help from the fella who made the website, he's David O'Connell of Grove Studios, London and he's a lovely man, who also plays surf rock.)

The website has got bits to look at and bits to read and I would be very very happy if you would sign up to my newsletter. You'll see the link on my website. I won't spam you or bombard you with updates. But it would be lovely to be able to stay in touch with you once Blackwatertown is published - share some more news, some freebies, some other book and writer recommendations. But only now and then. Not every week.

You can also find me on social media: Facebook @Paul Watersauthor or Instagram @paul_waters_author or even Twitter @paulwaters99

Speaking of when Blackwatertown is published... Until a few minutes ago I didn't know. But now I do and as I promised to tell you first, I can reveal that publication day is Thursday 23rd July 2020. So, if you happen to know of any reviewer, writer, journalist, broadcaster, blogger, podcaster or other influencer who might be interested in featuring something about me or Blackwatertown - please let them or me know. Now the promotional struggle begins...



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Jason Grubbs
 Jason Grubbs says:

Congratulations, Paul. The book looks terrific and now the release date feels close - July is just around the corner! Best Wishes - Jason Grubbs

posted 5th May 2020

Richard Roy
 Richard Roy says:

Well done Paul, Closer and closer. I am looking forward to a cracking good read. ;-) Richard

posted 6th May 2020

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