By Paul Waters

Maverick cop Jolly Macken goes looking for a killer, but accidentally starts a war

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Doggone it! What a ten per center of a first day...

Going live on something new can be daunting, even with Unbound rooting for you. Not everything goes right. For instance, my very first backer sent me the money for the first paperback directly, rather than through the website. So, when I lodged it, my name showed up on the list of supporters instead of his. Sorry about that Stan Burridge, official back number one.

Even with Stan's early backing, I sat at zero per cent for quite a while. Cue fretting. More fool me, because wonderful friends, family and people I've never met nor heard of before today rushed forward, Very generously. To bring Blackwatertown up to 10 per cent funding on the first afternoon/evening.

I don't know about you, but I'm impressed by that. Impressed and grateful for the generosity and support shown by Stan Burridge, Aneysha Minocha, Paul McMahon, Aidan Waters, Anita Waters, Stevyn Colgan (check out his very funny books, he presents the We'd Like A Word podcast with me), Karen Court, Emma Horner, Janice Staines (who listens to our We'd Like A Word podcast), Mark Page (who shot the video), Helen Jones, Sarah Leslie, Dai Jones, Samuel Dodson (another Unbound author), Basim Basil Ezadine Ismael Paddy Mohammed Al Dajani, John Kevan, Tim Footman (very clever author), Mary McGuinness, Ruth Richmond, Megha Chand Inglis, Andy Waters and Chenab Mangat.

And amidst all that, Janice Staines has now won the right to name the daring dog who plays a decisive role at a pivotal moment in Blackwatertown. That's right folks, The dog naming opportunity is gone. Gone to lovely patron of the arts Janet. I wonder what name she'll choose? Please don't give her ideas...

By the way, that's Ralph in the picture. I used to live across the street from him. You wouldn't know to look at him, but he liked to party.

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Janice Staines
 Janice Staines says:

I’m currently considering “Doggy McDogface” or “Givdadawgabone”! ;-)

posted 14th May 2019

Basim Basil Dajani
 Basim Basil Dajani says:

I didn’t think you would actually write my name in full ;) Sorry about that. (The only non birth certificate name was ‘Paddy’). I feel like a very juvenile prankster. I’ve updated my name on this site. And added my parents as friends... but I will also let them know because I feel they will want to contribute...

posted 14th May 2019

Paul Waters
 Paul Waters says:

Please somebody offer Janice Staines some alternatives to Doggy McDogface or that other one which is too hard to spell!

To Bas - I don't know if there is a limit on characters per name. Perhaps you'll get a whole page to yourself?

posted 20th May 2019

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