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Maverick cop Jolly Macken goes looking for a killer, but accidentally starts a war

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Comical, cool, dark and punches you in the gut

The answer: They're both comical, cool, dark and punch you in the gut. The question: What do Muhammed Ali and my book Blackwatertown have in common?

That's according to Northern Irish writer and crime fiction reviewer Gerard Brennan - author of Disorder. In his DisorderGB podcast, Gerard says this about Blackwatertown:

It's comical at the start. Really cool writing quality and a really nice voice. It's very upbeat at first, but that's how the second part of it really catches you. It gets dark, man. Enough to punch you in the gut. Our hero goes through quite a journey. He is put through the mill something shocking. But it's fantastic. It's a really good book. I urge you to get a copy as soon as you can.

Thanks Gerard. Can I get a plug from you for the paperback? (And thanks to Fact magazine for the picture.)

In other news, the structural edit of Blackwatertown is complete. It has passed the beady eye of structural editor and author Russel McLean, (see previous update for a look at his handsome face). He's poked and prodded it. And poked and prodded me to make Blackwatertown a little longer and better. Thanks Russel.

The list of pledgers who are supporting Blackwatertown has grown longer too. Thank you to new pledger John Colgan in Belfast - a man of great taste and influence. He's a reminder that you can still pledge to support Blackwatertown and get your name (or someone else's) included in every copy. Even though the book has been delivered, the pledging window stays open during some of the production process. Once we get to the formatting/printing stage, it will close - so get in now with your pledge, or order it when it comes out in 2020.

But when in 2020? Good question. I'm getting through the production process ahead of schedule so far, to make sure publication happens as soon as possible. More on dates to follow.

 While you're waiting, have a listen to the We'd Like A Word podcast. It's got more me in it. Fellow author Stevyn Colgan and I interview writers (fiction and non-fiction), people in publishing and anyone interesting who is involved with words. We - well, to be honest, Steve - lists the books we talk about on the We'd Like A Word website. We've had brilliant guests, including Graham Norton, Anthony Horowitz, Denise Mina, Belinda Bauer and fly-lover Dr Erica McAlister from the National History Museum. I'll tell you more about the award-winners and bestsellers another time, but we have Asia MacKay, Brian McGilloway, Eoin McNamee and Alec Marsh coming up this month. You can hear We'd Like A Word wherever you get your podcasts - Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Or from its host platform, Anchor. We like audience interaction too, guest or biscuit suggestions, etc - so you can get in touch via or via twitter @wedlikeaword

Thanks for your support for Blackwatertown and for spreading the word. I'm looking forward to seeing it in your hands in 2020.


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