By Paul Waters

Maverick cop Jolly Macken goes looking for a killer, but accidentally starts a war

Monday, 25 May 2020

Blackwatertown publication date 23rd July 2020

It's happening! Blackwatertown is being published in paperback and ebook on Thursday 23rd July 2020. Can you help me get it in bookshops?

(There's been some coronavirus-related disruption, delay and confusion about the publication date, but all looks set now.)

I know you've wanted to know when you'll finally have the book in your hands or on your e-reader, because I've had people asking me in shops, on the street and as they pass by the front of my house - never mind via social media and email. As special supporters, I think you will have your copies before the official publication date.

It's been a long road. Thanks for your help and encouragement along the way. The picture above is of the front of the No Alibis bookshop on Botanic Avenue in Belfast. I was hoping to have one leg of my book launch there - and may still, after lockdown and when gatherings are safe again. And you should definitely visit them or the shop's website for excellent books, recommendations and service. But that's not why I've shared the picture.

I want people to read Blackwatertown. For that to happen, it needs to be on sale in bookshops, via their online sites or on their shelves once they're able to reopen their doors. No Alibis has been the first to order copies ahead of publication and that fills me with delight and gratitude. Others have expressed an interest too. They'll be listed on the Buy The Book page on my author website. It means that there will be an alternative to Amazon. (I love bookshops and I want them to survive and thrive.)

You've already supported me and this book. Now I'm asking you for advice. Do you have a bookshop near you, or have a connection to anyone who runs or work in one? Could you suggest a contact for me to get in touch with and ask them if they would consider stocking Blackwatertown? It'll look good on their shelves. And we'll give them a shout out on the We'd Like A Word books and authors podcast.

If you have suggestions, I'll send them a one-page press release with details about the book. If they'll have me, I'll also offer to take part in events, readings, signings - whatever I can do in support. The UK and Ireland are handiest for me, but I'd welcome links to bookshops anywhere - anywhere that stocks English-language books.

All advice welcome. Leave a comment below or email me at paulwaters99 AT hotmail DOT com

And my lovely new website also awaits you - 

Thanks all.


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