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Maverick cop Jolly Macken goes looking for a killer, but accidentally starts a war

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Blackwatertown book launch early warning

Guess who's hosting my Blackwatertown book launch? It's Paul Lewis, the presenter of BBC Radio 4's Money Box programme and champion of ordinary people who get ripped off by corporate bandits. And you're invited. It'll be at 7pm UK-time, Tuesday 27th October. It'll be online - sorry, can't be helped with coronavirus - and I'll send out the link to join in a week in advance. There will be other special guests too and questions with prizes. More on those later. (Spoiler alert - will include a special bottle of whiskey.)

I would love you to join in and you can help too. It's easy. Send me a question or even just a hello for the launch - in the comments here or email paulwaters99 AT hotmail DOT com - and spreading the word about it on social media will be great too. My Twitter handle is @paulwaters99 and I'm on Facebook at paul_waters_writer and Instagram paul_waters_author Please follow me at those and retweet the book launch details when I tell the rest of the world. (It's international - so I'm hoping for viewers from around the globe.)

In the meantime, Blackwatertown has been getting great newspaper coverage and reviews, but a review from you on Amazon would really help me sell more copies. You can leave a rating without writing a review if you prefer, but a comment, however brief, will boost Blackwatertown with the Amazon algorithms. Amazon will then suggest the book to more potential readers. And the good thing is, you do not have to have bought your copy via Amazon, as long as you use the site to buy anything else.

 Thank you for your support so far. More on how to join the book launch soon.

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Marie Meakings
 Marie Meakings says:

Hi there. I have bought a signed paperback, and ebook of Blackwatertown. Can you tell me how I get it on my kindle please?

posted 15th October 2020

Caitlin Harvey
 Caitlin Harvey says:

Hi Marie,

You can access the ebook from your account. There's more details on how to download this here: I hope this helps!

posted 16th October 2020

Paul Waters
 Paul Waters says:

Thanks for getting in touch Marie and for ordering Blackwatertown. And thanks Caitlin for the technical help.

posted 6th November 2020

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