By Paul Waters

Maverick cop Jolly Macken goes looking for a killer, but accidentally starts a war

Monday, 15 July 2019

60 plus: I don't want to die in big knickers...

I've finally reached the spritely 60+ level - that's percentage funding for Blackwatertown I'm talking about, thank you very much. And of course it's all thanks to you, dear supporters. And I'm honoured and privileged that among you is Karen from The Twisted Sisters band - see video. They're always irreverently lively live performers, usually in Ireland. If you get the chance, go see them. I did in March. They rocked. And they read - me! (They're on Facebook @TheTwistedSisters )

Alongside Karen Ingram, I also want to thank Em Cummins, Ian "Shoey" Shoesmith, Alan Harris, Ruth Richmond, James "the Pride of Scotland" Shaw, Andy "the Great Daymondo" Daymond, Anu Shrestha, Bernard McGuinness, Tanya Waters, Hugh Levinson, John McGuinness, Anne-Louise Gallagher, James Silver, Heather Willars, Roger Noble, Catherine McGuinness, Jesse Quinones, Martin O'Brien, Lucy Gow, Giles Latcham, Kevin Lynch, Aidan D'Abet, Lee Kumutat, Ian Braidman, Sue "Quizzy Sue" Toudup, Sean "It's a fair cop" O'Flanagan, Mandie Smith, Richard Dallyn, Jonathan Glover, Jane MacSorley, Anna Richmond, Joe Kent, Helen Dafedjaiye, Clare Isdell, Julian Keane, Mary Kelly, Dominic Laurie, Peter McGuinness, Jo Deahl, Madeleine Bridgman, Kwesi T Andoh-Korsah, Mihai Udrea and Matthew Yalden.

Thanks to you guys and my earlier supporters for backing my Blackwatertown book. It's maybe a wee bit early for me to be thinking about sending out invitations to a launch party, but you can help bring the day closer. We're well over halfway there. If you send the Blackwatertown link to a friend, relative or neighbour and encourage them to take a look, then we'll all be able to dig out our best launch party pants even sooner.


(Hmmm... there's a promotional thought - Blackwatertown branded big knickers...)

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