What a rollercoaster ride!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

First of all, I wish to say a big thank you to the following people for helping Blackthorn to reach 26%!! 

Craig Smith

Suzanne Evans

Tot Taylor

Alan Fisher

Stevyn Colgan

Tim Atkinson

David Calcutt


Stephen McGowan

It has been a long and winding road to get to here so far, but it does finally feel like we are getting somewhere at last with all your help.

I will say that I have had my hands full, with working full time (50 hrs a week) and looking after my 84 yrs old father (85 in September) who lives in our back garden in a log cabin that we build for him several years ago now. He did not want to go into a home and having worked in care for the elderly we decided to help him live his last days surrounded by family. His health is not what it used to be, bless him, and he has alot of health problems with his heart and COPD as well.

I am up at 5am to Facebook and tweet, write if I can and look after dad before going to work, then helping him when I get back, Facebook, Tweet, write if I can and put dad to bed at 11pm, job done for another day - Fehw!

We are well on the way towards three quarters on the writing front and we are both very busy doing artwork. All though not all of the pictures are finished, it occured to me that we have not shown any other pieces to let people know how our paintings look when finished.

Well the picture shown is not for Blackthorn, but for another book cover which we have on Amazon at the moment. But it is a piece of artwork which I did way back in the 80's when I was in full AD&D mode in my twenties. God is it really that long ago? It was when I was the same age as Samantha is now - Nothing like making you feel old by travelling down memory lane is there. But time waits for no man as my grandmother used to say to me, and the artwork is calling once again to be excerised.

Once we have finished one of many pieces, I will post them on here for you to glance over.

All the best until then,



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