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Friday, 11 March 2016

Thank you P W for not only one pledge but for two! You have made both of us very happy and the first person to pledge for one of our limited edition pieces of artwork - well done.

On a general note now, we are around the half-way mark in writing the book and things are hotting up nicely for Blachthorn as he chases across the rooftops after a mysterious figure and leads him on a merry dance through Hales streets.

We are getting very excited with the plot as new characters are emerging and not without their fare share of problems and baggage. We have had great fun in creating the variaty of characters from high society to thieves and vagabonds.

We will in future posts give you a snippet through the window at a few scenes of Blackthorn and you can see just what he is up to. But for now, a big thank you for pledging and for reading this so far.

Keep watching for more from Hale city...

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