By Amanda Lloyd Jennings and Samantha Jennings

A mother and daughter team brings you Blackthorn: a Nighthawk agent. A spy/assassin novel full of action, corruption and betrayal.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Fellow Unbound Authors

It has been a while since the last blog post (over a month ago!), and I'm sure you understand just how bust we've been and not just on the book.

Well, we have reached 30% (and we still have a fair way to go) of our pledges and still need your support as well as enthusiastic fantasy readers to reach it further.

The road has been slow and difficult, and we strive to continue to build and develop upon our world and its inhabitants to the best it can be. We don't want to create robots that have no emotion or provide a very unrealistic plot structure for the characters to follow. We want action, adventure, magic, and above all, mystery. And so, the very reason for which it has been slow and arduous.


Furthermore, if any of you are on Goodreads (which I'm sure a few of you are), there is a new discussion group called the Indie Authors Collaboration group of which there is a subcategory specifically for Unbound (called the Unbound club) where authors can introduce themselves and their book(s). If you are interested, here's the link below:

This group is specifically created so that authors from crowdfunding sites such as Inkshares, Wattpad and Unbound can converge to introduce themselves, talk about their book, ask for advice etc. and maybe have an idea of what other crowdfunding sites there are available.

Please feel free to take a look and share a bit about yourself!

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