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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Writer's Groups: The Good, The Bad and The Snuggly.

There is a film called Author Anonymous about a writers group, packed full of the usual stereotypes of authors that haven’t achieved major success but keep plugging away while tearing strips off the entire publishing industry.  Enter Hannah, a ditzy blonde who writes chick-lit and whose presence is barely tolerated by the writers of other genres.

Eventually, it is Hannah who receives a huge book deal and becomes an overnight success which prompts envy, happiness, resentment, disbelief and hope in different measures from her fellow writers.

I am a member of  several writer’s groups on Facebook.  Some more actively than others but I recognise so many of the traits that are characterised in the film, both in myself and others.

Writer’s Groups are wonderful places full of support and love and beta readers.  They are also full of the hardcore bonkers.  Because writers tend to be on the neurotic, eccentric end of things and when a group of introverts gathers together on-line, all hell tends to break loose.

But the absolute beauty & the core of these groups is the support & friendship.   The gathering of the clan when a bad review pops up, the beta reading, the synopsis scouring (because who enjoys writing a synopsis?) and the general rolling about with cyber-booze and drama.

Of course, we have tiffs.  I’ve flounced off a few times and returned to low-key celebrations and a sheepish face but always with relief.  Because my writer friends get the 'writerly' me. 

The plot problems, the typos, the comma crimes, the smart of rejection, the jubilation (and perhaps a little envy) at success. 

I have the honour to have some extremely talented authors in my groups.  And I’m ever thankful that my ‘bonkers’ has a safe space to be.

May I just thank all 74 of you who have taken the book to 38 %.  I am overjoyed and so very grateful.

Much love,

Tabby x

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