Bitter Leaves

By Tabatha Stirling

A novel that will bring you to the dark heart of Singapore's maid culture

Saturday, 19 August 2017




All of you, me and The Beagle have made ‘our’ book a reality but mostly you.  My pledgers.

Team Tabby!

Team Banana!

Okay … Team Tabby!

And the gratitude and thanks are brimming over my sides.  Which is a lot nicer than it sounds.

So what happens next?  I’ve no idea!  But as soon as I do know then so will you.



I am lucky enough to be doing the Scottish based publicity for Lesley Glaister's new book, The Squeeze’.  This means I get a guest pass to the Edinburgh Book Festival & to the Author’s Yurt.

In case, by any slight chance, you are unaware of what a Yurt actually is I can tell you that is a comfy sort of tent thingy with posts and struts and stuff.  Plus, free booze and nibbles.  And authors.

When I wasn’t accompanying Lesley, who knocked the pen out of the hand with her talk incidentally, I sat staring at the famous, brilliant, literary folk who drank and chatted, had their photos taken & then were escorted off to their respective talks by zen-like members of the Festival Staff.

I saw Simon Callow looking pink cheeked in a rumpled linen suit and he hasn’t aged at all since 4 Weddings.  I had to sit on my hands to stop myself waving and shouting, ‘Do the poem! Do the poem!’. 

I rubbed shoulders with some exotic experimental poets (had to Google that one) and by ‘rubbed shoulders’ I mean I admired them from behind a decorative plant.   

Chinked glasses with several attractive Americans and bowed down at the Court of the utterly wonderful, Penny Pepper.   

I even managed to grab (literally) Nikesh Shukla who looked mildly startled as I tried to explain that I was an Unbound author too and he was awfully kind until I tried to wave him down again inside in the Yurt (for Penny to say hello) and this time he just looked trapped.

Approached Alexander Mcall Smith except it wasn’t and when I asked for an autograph for a friend, he turned out to be a friend of a friend of someone else's husband.  But he was flattered. So there’s that.

Ended the evening tweeting tipsily to Twitter before it all got too much and I ran out of oomph. 

All in all, it was a fantastic few days and I really REALLY hope that I get to experience the beloved Book Festival from the author side,  one year.

And you are ALL invited.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone again.

My Team Tabby.


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Diane Dickson
 Diane Dickson says:

Sounds as though you are having a marvelous time. Teeny bit jealous - well of course,why wouldn't I be - but more - just happy to read your post - brimming over with excitement. Love xx

posted 21st August 2017

Tabatha Stirling
 Tabatha Stirling says:

Thank you, Di. Means so much coming from such a talented writer like you. You've always been so supportive. It means lots x

posted 23rd August 2017

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